Food Tips

  • Unlike other dogs, Huskies keep an eye on their food intake and are not greedy dogs. A Husky will not eat if he is not hungry even if he has access to food. However, they will eat more if exercised a lot.
  • NEVER feed a Husky/dog an hour before or after exercise. They can get gut torsion which can be fatal!
  • Treats: Look for good, healthy brands of dog treats. The good fruit/veg guide below is also handy. Please note treats should not be excessive. They can/should be used to train as well – in moderation.
  • Huskies/dogs don’t do well with excess weight. Fat is not healthy!
  • Cooked bones are a definite No for all dogs. The cooking process makes bones prone to splintering & can pierce their intestines and stomach.   

  • Avoid mixing pellets and raw food in the same meal as they digest at different rates. Rather feed your Husky pellets in the morning and raw food in the evening or vice versa.

Food transition guide (pellets)

When changing your Husky’s food, we recommend gradually phasing in the new food.


Food transition guide (raw food)

There are two ways to move your dog over to a raw diet. 

Rapid switch: from one meal to the next, for healthy dogs with a strong immune system.

Gradual switch: over a few meals, for older or picky dogs and those with compromised immune systems or sensitivity to dramatic changes in diet. We recommend increasing the amount of raw food and decreasing the amount of pellets over a few days or weeks.