Adoption process

The adoption/foster process begins with a call to understand the prospective adopters’ situation. We then ask them to submit an application: Application Form

If it appears to be a good match, we then arrange a meet & greet as well as a home check.

SOS can fly Huskies between CPT & JHB, once we’ve completed the application process with you & a physical home check is passed. We fly our Huskies to JHB at a cost of +/- R2000/Husky. We can use road transport but that is a little more expensive

All our Huskies are microchipped, sterilised, vaccinated, dewormed and given tick & flea treatment before they go to their new forever home. Our adoption fee of R1000 (Adults) and R1500 (-12 months) is used towards these costs as well as flights.

Note: If you are considering adopting a Husky, please check with your entire household (partner, children, parents etc) before contacting us. This is an important decision and commitment, and everyone needs to be on board. This will avoid going through the whole process and people changing their mind at the last minute. As a rescue organisation, our time is precious and dedicated to Huskies in need. 

When you put up your hand for a Husky, know that there is also a sense of urgency. Please be ready and prepared to take the Husky in within a matter of hours/days if the home check and intro have been passed.

Our available Huskies


Sex: Male

Age: 5 years old

Personality: Gypsy is very energetic and playful Husky/Malamute. He is loving with humans (including children) but is used to being an only dog and is not very well socialised. We have yet to spend time with him to assess his compatibility with other animals. When rehoming with other pets, we do proper introductions to increase the chances of success!

This gorgeous looking boy loves three things: playing ball, eating chicken and getting tummy rubs! He clearly knows how to enjoy life!


Sex: Female

Age: 6 years old

Personality:This sweet girl ran away from home and was surrendered by her owners that same day. She is 6 years old and hasn’t had the best life so far.She is very sweet and friendly with people and is good with other medium and large dogs. To be tested further with small dogs. No cats or other small animals for Storm. She is low-energy at the moment and does everything slowly but with some TLC, she will come back to life.She is situated at the Husky Rescue South Africa Haven in Johannesburg.


Sex: Female

Age: 5 years old

Personality: Siri has the sweetest and most gentle personality. This gorgeous girl was surrendered by her owners who moved to smaller premises and couldn’t take her with. She is very affectionate with people, a bit skittish and afraid of the outside world but getting better every day. She is good with other dogs – NO cats or smaller animals though. Siri will need a nice family that will speak to her softly and help her get confident


Sex: Female

Age: 2 years old

Personality: KellyG is the sweetest mini Husky you’ll ever meet. She’s the perfect cuddle size and loves a good scratch. Being only about 2 years old, she loves to run, play and spend some time with her own human. If you love Huskies and small dogs, she’s your perfect match.

When rehoming with other pets, we do proper introductions to increase the chances of success!